Information Gathering & Recruitment strategy optimization
SalesForce Search utilizes a multipronged approach towards recruiting top sales people. To customize our sales recruitment strategy for a specific client, we utilize an intensive research and planning process:

Discovery sessions to understand our clients’ businesses, sales processes and corporate sales goals
Sales Interview guidelines and what will make this sales person successful
Identify key deliverables from our sales recruiters and your sales hiring team
Schedule Progress Reports review dates and feedback cycles for strong partnership management.

Sales Person Acquisition
As a thought leader in the sales community, our strong social media presence enables us to engage with top salespeople while offering a platform for sharing meaningful and useful content. Will incorporate this platform into our sales recruitment process to maximize our reach with potential sales candidates. This proprietary technology platform, combines all of our search tools to create a hub that will contain the most appropriate and qualified sales talent for your roles. It works in 3 specific ways.

It allows us to create a customized search for each role and simultaneously reaches all relevant sales talent in our network  It drives more than 100,000 passive and active sales people to our site each month; and
It enables us to effectively identify top sales people and benchmark them against a scorecard of top sales performers .

Sales Person Evaluation
Customized sales interviews, benchmarking and sales roleplays that relate to your sales opening and based on the factors that will lead to success in your organization.

Sales specific interview questions with role plays to ensure the sales person’s ability to sell Sales Skills Assessment to rank them against top sales people across North America Benchmark sales people we interview against a performance scorecard of top sales people  Background checks and references.

Selection & Onboarding
We provide you with a high level overview, sales resume, sales interview notes,
top accomplishments, assessment results and Candidate Scorecard
Sales Interview debrief, recommendations and calibration to search if needed
Follow up and performance evaluation throughout the guarantee period
Risk mitigation. We offer a guarantee on our candidates and we’ll find a suitable replacement as per our agreement.